About Devtech

Entrepreneurial Team

Founded in 2009, DevTech Partners is a full-service biomedical technology commercialization firm where experienced entrepreneurs work closely with clinician inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors and to help bring early-stage technologies to market.

Real-World Experience

DevTech Partners was founded upon the learning of practical entrepreneurship; our process is based on decades of real-world biomedical product development and technology commercialization. We have learned through our own experience what works and what doesn’t.

Focused on Execution

DevTech Partners can help you develop your biomedical commercialization plan and, more importantly, build and manage a team to execute. We are focused on providing actionable advice and guidance that leads to execution.

Michael R. Bielski

Michael R. Bielski, J.D., M.S. is the Founder and President of DevTech Partners. As a biomedical, biotech and agtech entrepreneur, Michael has brought technologies from conception, prototyping and patenting, through product development and manufacturing, and ultimately to the generation of licensing revenue, clinical use and sales. Michael is an expert across all areas of high-technology commercialization including licensing and startups.

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