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Idea Validation & Customer Discovery

Medical devices must solve clinical unmet needs in a way that both improves clinical outcomes and reduces healthcare costs. DevTech can help you thoroughly research the literature and conduct clinical customer discovery interviews with relevant stakeholders (clinicians, providers, patients, payors, purchasers) to validate your biomedical technology concept.

Prototyping & Preclinical Testing

Prototyping with a focus on the right design features to achieve valuable clinical and technical milestones is critical for successful medical device development. A valuable preclinical testing program for your medical device prototype requires the right bench tests and animal/cadaver studies.

DevTech can help you build a prototyping and preclinical development plan that validates your medical device and supports your licensing or startup efforts.

Patent & IP Strategy

Valuable patent portfolios are built by aligning patent claims to the differentiating features of your medical device. DevTech can help you systematically extract invention throughout the R&D process and work closely with patent counsel to create a valuable patent portfolio that will survive licensing and investor due diligence.

Team Building & Project Management

DevTech can help you recruit a team of engineers, advisors, executives, employees, attorneys, consultants, contract research organizations and manufacturers to execute your biomedical technology commercialization plan quickly and efficiently.

As your project manager, DevTech allows you to run your clinical practice or lab at the same time your medical device concept is moving down the commercialization pathway. Let us help you go from a sketch to prototype to clinic.

Business Development & Negotiation

DevTech Partners will work closely with you and your team to develop and implement a business development and networking strategy to achieve your desired biomedical commercialization goals.  

Our team has significant experience in driving and negotiating the following commercial transactions: In-Licensing, Out-Licensing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Venture Funding,  Non-Dilutive/Grant Funding and Corporate Sponsored Research.

Licensing & Startups

Whether your goal is to license to an established company or launch a startup, DevTech can help you drive the process.

Licensing:  DevTech Partners works with you to develop sell sheets, presentations and videos and to conduct licensing outreach to established medical device companies on your behalf. DevTech identifies relevant licensees for your medical device, reaching out to them individually to evaluate their interest and move the licensing process forward.

Startups:  DevTech Partners can help you build a biomedical commercialization plan and management team (both internal and external) to make your startup a reality. Our team has decades of experience going from sketch to prototype to clinic via startups - we can help manage and drive the process.

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