Medical Devices

Orthopedics, cardiovascular, advanced wound care, patient monitoring, surgical implants, surgical instrumentation, medical equipment, disposables, PPE and robotics. Expertise across all medical devices including FDA Class I, Class II and Class III devices.


In-vitro diagnostics, point-of-care diagnostics, lateral flow assays, analyzers, reagents, general clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, hematology/cytology, microbiology/infectious disease, molecular diagnostics, nucleic acid tests, metabolomics and proteomics.

Research Tools

Life science research tools used for the development of new pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and therapies. Instruments, reagents, and consumables used to conduct experiments in genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology

Small molecules, oligonucleotides (RNA/DNA), biologics (therapeutic proteins, biological molecules, large-molecule drugs), vaccines, cell-based therapies, tissue engineering, gene therapy.

Combination Products

Therapeutic or diagnostic products that combines drugs, medical devices, and/or biological products including pre-filled drug/biologic delivery devices, coated medical devices, and drug delivery devices.

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